Fire-Proof Favor

By Pastor Michael McConnell

Sept 2012.

Almost anywhere in America on any Sunday, you are likely to witness what is known as Call and Response inside the doors of Christian Churches. The Call may sound like this: from the Pastor to the Congregation; “Good morning Church! How are you today?” The Congregation then gives the Response,” Blessed and Highly Favored!” Somewhere in the lives of God’s people, either by their Christian education or their experiencing HIM, they have learned they have Divine “support” and preference, even if it comes at the expense of others groups. It’s at this telling force of expression, this exact spot, comes immediate tension between the Highly Favored and the “other” groups. This tension often leads to life-changing experiences for the other groups.

In the book of Daniel, three Hebrew boys, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego, because of their favor, found themselves at great odds with the King of Babylon named Nebuchadnezzar. The tension was so great between the boys and the king, that he ordered them, at their trial, to be executed by being thrown into a fiery furnace. The king did not know that he was ordering THEM a blessing! The blessing came in 3D:

  1. When they were on fire for God, He was in the fire with them!
  2. Being in the fire was the finest moment of their lives!
  3. When their enemies intensified the fire, God intensified the favor!

People of God, when you find yourself in serious tension with a constant adversary, or on opponent who is hostile, who wants to “burn you alive” politically, socially, occupationally, religiously, educationally, and personally, know that because of your relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord, we have fire-proof favor!

I. When you are ON fire for God, He will be IN the fire with you!

a. When you are thrown into their fire, God will cause a paradigm shift right in your midst!

b. God will change the entire structure of the fire, and cause it not to burn you,  nor will you have the   smell of smoke!

c. God will reveal His Presence to your adversaries while you are in their fire!

II. Being in the fire is fine moment in your life!

a. Our testimonies consist of what God has done for us and that is all good! We shout and praise the Lord! However the shout is for things of the past.

b. Can we still praise Him in the flames? Could this be your best moment and you don’t know it?

c. The boys became famous not because of their prayer life or their service to God, what brought them fame was their fire-proof favor!

III. When your enemies intensify the fire, God will intensify the favor!

a. Fire that’s intensified means that God will be glorified! He shows up in the fire!

b. We can be cool in hot times because we know God will show up!

c. Often, our fiery trials serve as conversion tools for our opponents.

Saints, it doesn’t matter what things or who comes against us, ALL of GOD’S children are blessed and Highly Favored and often tried by fire with the end results being  the conversion opportunity for our foes and fire-proof favor for us!


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